Why smarter?

We know exactly what we want. Over the years we have been fortunate to work with many passionate and competent winemakers. Every one of them are passionate about their wines and that shows in the tasting. We have turned finding the right partners into a fine art.

We find new winemakers through extensive desk research, our personal experiences, and through recommendations from our existing winemakers, sommeliers & our valued customers.

Our key selection criteria are: quality, price and matching the consumer profiles that we want to serve optimally. A strong and pro active relationship with the winemakers is essential to achieve our goals and probably what we love the most.

How do we derive our consumer profiles?

  • Years of experience of consumers preferences in Benelux
  • Using scientific taste models
  • Working with taste panels consisting of sommeliers, experienced wine lovers and other professionals

How do we ensure a successful cooperation with our partners?

  • Get to know each other and define common goals
  • Being clear about what is needed in our markets
  • Defining strategy with winemaker; brand awareness, building or enlarging distribution
  • Implement in single - multi channel approach: online - retail - horeca - professional services