Single or Multi Channel Approach 

SmarterWineBuyers works with sustainable partnerships in the distribution channels. It offers many opportunities in the Benelux. Single or multi channel approach depends on brand positioning and chances in the Benelux.

Online Consumer platforms

We source different online platforms targeting middle to high end customers. 

Perfect partners to enlarge brand awareness and presence in the Benelux markets or in 1 or 2 of its countries.  We have close partnerships with the large online businesses and source specifically for our partner Vivino.

New wines (and new vintages of known wines) are always brought into our professional tasting panel. Consisting of top sommeliers and experiences private customers.

In this channel reviews and tasting notes of international wine critics are essential.

Horeca & Catering partners

We work closely together with partners who developed platforms specially for Horeca entrepreneurs.  The top 1000 in the Benelux. They want to distinguish themselves and want to surprise their guests on a regular basis with wines that perfectly match with their dishes and season.

Specialised Retail partners

Specialised high quality Wine Shops in the Benelux

Businesses and public institutions

Online and offline partners in business